Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wilco - UIC Pavillion - 2009-10-18

TSE had a great time at Wilco on Sunday night.

Hoodoo Voodoo with the dueling guitar solo's between Nels and Pat is unreal, everyone knows Nels is a god but Pat is amazing, he was shredding with Nels. The new songs played live were great, Bull Black Nova in particular. One of the sickest At Least That's... I've ever heard. Tweedy has a different SG for everyday of the year man. His latest acquisition is one of these zoot suits, fucking bad ass.


While in the crowd I ran into one of the dudes responsible for the excellent iPhone guitar app, Guitar Tool Kit and also saw Jeff Tweedy's wife and kid, Sue and Spencer walking around right next to me. Pretty cool.

The sound was okay, not as bad as I expected for a 10,000 person "arena" but it left much to be desired.

You catching them this tour?

Wilco (the song)
A Shot in the Arm
Bull Black Nova
You Are My Face
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
One Wing
At Least That's What You Said
Deeper Down
Impossible Germany
It's Just That Simple
I'll Fight
Handshake Drugs
Sonny Feeling
Jesus, Etc.
I'm Always in Love
Hate It Here
I'm the Man Who Loves You
You Never Know
Heavy Metal Drummer
Just a Kid
Outtasite (Outta Mind)
Hoodoo Voodoo
I'm a Wheel

Start: 8:47 p.m./Finish: 11:03 p.m.
Totals: 28 songs, 2 hours and 16 minutes


Scott Orr said...

saw them in toronto a week ago tomorrow

great show