Friday, October 16, 2009

The Black Keys - In The Company Of - 2008-12-8

Sorry for being such a stranger lately. Things have been chaotic to say the least.

This is some great weekend listening. Dan and Pat rip through some excellent Attack & Release material and their Captain Beefheart cover of "I'm Glad" gives me some serious chills, like, serious chills. The interviews are nothing to skip over in this either. While the DJ can get a bit annoying, Dan and Pat are genuinely funny guys. Pat's story about surfing is pretty good and I crack up when Dan compares Pat to a John McCain supporter (what is this, cuss cuss?). Anyways, I promise more to come soon guys.

Wilco on Sunday!!!!!

Couldn't find out who took the pic, but it's sweet, thanks and if you contact me I'll give you props for sure.

01 - Intro
02 – Same Old Thing
03 – Interview
04 – Strange Times
05 – Interview
06 – I’m Glad
07 – Interview
08 – Psychotic
09 – I Got Mine
10 – Outro

Download - The Black Keys - In The Company Of - 2008-12-8


Anonymous said...

I love it when they cover Captain Beefheart, especially I'm Glad. Thanks for all these recordings. I've been seriously enjoying your stuff on the Black Keys, Raconteurs, Dead Weather and Bon Iver. The majority of the old White Stripes recordings need re-uping but right now I have enough to last a good long while. Thanks a million!