Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jim James - The Rudyard Kipling - 2009-10-1

Acoustic set from Mr. Yim Yames. We get MMJ classics and some great Monsters of Folk material. Who's going to see them?!? TSE will be at the Chicago show on the 30th, anyone else checking it out?

It's an audience recording, thank you Brian Porter!

01 Intro
02 Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
03 The Right Place
04 IT Beats 4 U
05 Look At You
06 Gideon
07 The Way That He Sings
08 Losin’ Yo’ Head
09 Stage Banter
10 Magic Marker
11 Bermuda Highway
12 Smokin From Shootin
13 His Master’s Voice

Download - Jim James - The Rudyard Kipling - 2009-10-1


Tawriffic said...

Thanks TSE and Brian. This is a good quality recording. So good to hear Yim singing again.

Anonymous said...

i'll be at the oakland show on the 17th

Chris said...

Thanks so much for sharing these recordings.

DR said...

Awesome, I didn't know he was touring.
Is that "Wonderful" song new?

Bryant Evans said...

The "Wonderful" song is not new actually. There is another great recording from Jim James at a Folk Festival.

OffPiste said...

We'll be front row center in Minneapolis...

kelli said...

Excellent, I like this a lot. Thank you!
I will be at MOF Friday too. Hope you enjoy the show!!!

P.S..Just found The Steam Engine whilst searching for the Ryan Adams Chicago Theater show. Such a great recording, what an amazing show that was. So glad I was there to witness it in real life!

Jason said...


That Ryan Adams show will go down as one of the best shows I've ever been to (caught him I think 4 times on that tour, all around that date) and one of my most listened to shows ever. Lots of other good Ryan all over this blog too!

kelli said...

i agree 100%. i could hardly believe that i was there!
yes, i have been trolling the blog and have grabbed quite a few things! great blog man, thanks a lot for posting everything!!

i am still holding out hope that one day the my morning jacket show i saw at chicago theater will be available somewhere. that show was unreal. i love that venue.

Jason said...

Were you there both nights? Before those shows got canceled I had tickets to the Jim James solo show at Schuba's and then both nights of MMJ, I was depressed for a week after those got canceled! Anyways, I am aching for those recordings to surface, I'm thinking that they are giving them a proper release, those shows were too good and it was the bands first nights back.

The Chicago Theater is my favorite venue of all time, I absolutely love it there.