Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Morning Jacket - The Electric Factory - 2006-12-01

All this MMJ related news (Monsters of Folk, hiatus, Yim Yames George Harrison Tribute EP, Yim Yames full length LP...) has had everyone on quite the rollercoaster this last week or so. It also has me listening to live Jacket 24/7 since I have no clue when I will have the good fortune of seeing them next. Great show here, FM/SBD source, the boys are playing pretty f*ckin hard! I can listen to They Ran all damn day (Jim has a funny little bit before they step it up a notch).

Today is my Friday (NIU has a 4 day summer schedule), have a good weekend everyone.

Photo credit: 11/30/2006 Roseland Ballroom - New York, NY (photo by blender). Couldn't find any from this set!

Disc 1:

01. it beats for you
02. gideon
03. wonderful
04. one big
05. lay low
06. phone
07. dondante
08. i needed it most/at dawn
09. hilarious rant
10. golden
11. lowdown

Disc 2:

01. way that he sings
02. dancefloors
03. mahgeetah
04. they ran
05. wordless
06. off the record
07. i will sing
08. run thru
09. anytime

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Electric Factory - 2006-12-01


Jason said...

Great stuff,thanks for sharing.
Sounds like they knocked up a buncha people that night...