Monday, May 18, 2009

My Morning Jacket - The Fillmore Miami Beach - 2008-08-29

Photo by Melanie Smith

Source: Church Audio Cards > CA-9100 > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1)

Lineage: Sandisc 4G > CD Wave Editor > FLAC > Traders Little Helper > Dime

Location: Main Set: On Rail GA Pit (30 feet from stage on left side)
Encore: In pit 5 feet from stage center


Disc One

1. Touch Me Part 2
2. Touch Me Part 1
3. Wordless Chorus
4. Evil Urges
5. Highly Suspicious
6. It Beats 4U
7. Phone Went West
8. The Way That He Sings
9. Lay Low
10. Aluminum Park
11. Thank You Too
12. Knot Comes Loose

Disc Two

13. Dondante
14. Smoking to Shooting
15. Gideon
16. Im Amazed
17. Maghettah


18. Off The Record
19. Anytime
20. Golden
21. Run Thru
22. One Big Holiday

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Fillmore Miami Beach - 2008-08-29



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VWXG14a said...

Thanks Man!

I was at this one (as well as NYE and Radio City).

I was bummed because the didn't play Steam Engine. From what I gathered the crowd was late arriving and unlike Radio City which started promptly at 8 this one started around 8:40, and because of this it was cut out.

But it was still great that they lead off with Part 2 and goddamned Lay Low was off the charts.