Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Football Fans?

Who is from the fine state of New York? I've been there a few times and I LOVE going to Giants games. The only problem is getting tickets last minute is always pain. So, instead of scalping tickets in the cold I head over to NEW YORK GIANTS TICKETS to get a steal on premo tickets.

Not a Giants fan? Me neither, I LOVE the Jets. And if you want to get New York Jets Tickets for the best price out there check out New York Jets Ticket Service. Not only can you get great deals on tickets but they have up to date news and RSS feeds of the latest Jets news.

Not from New York? Then you probably live in Pennsylvania. Now I have not been here but I know that they house a damn fine football team. You know what that means; its hard to get Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets. Why not show all those die hard fans you're smarter than the guy cooking burgers in a converted keg and get your tickets from Pittsburgh Steelers Ticket Service?

I am WAY smarter than this guy



Anonymous said...

i know you. and you're not a football fan. you're just a corporate shill. kidding.

Jason said...


Anonymous said...

ha ha sellout. not kidding

Anonymous said...

you dummy, you forgot the only new york team that matters. the buffalo bills, next years super bowl champions.