Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iron & Wine - B-Sides - His Specific Alphabetical Nights

In celebration of the intimate Iron & Wine gig I will be attending tonight (!!!!!!!!!!!) I thought I would throw some B-Sides out for everyone. Enjoy the B-sides and I will let you know how the gig goes.

Iron and Wine's B-Side Album: "His Specific Alphabetical Nights"
**as Compiled by J. Paul of the Blog " The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown"
in September of 2007
[...Plus 6 Additional Rare Tracks Added from various sources by Jounster]

1. The Trapeze Singer [Live Sessions EP - iTunes exclusive]
2. Dearest Foresaken [Sub Pop Singles Club]
3. Peng! 33 [Stereolab cover - iTunes Exclusive]
4. Dead Man's Will [from the Yeti Compilation]
5. Love Vigilantes [New Order cover - Live Sessions EP - iTunes exclusive]
6. Communion Cups and Someone's Coat [CD Single]
7. Such Great Heights [The Postal Service cover]
8. Sacred Vision [from Sound Collector 8 compilation]
9. Same Old Song [The Four Tops cover]
10. Call Your Boys [Sub Pop Singles Club]
11. Sleeping Diagonally [The Six Parts Seven cover]
12. No Moon [Bonus Vinyl Single]
13. Sinning Hands [Bonus Vinyl Single]
14. Her Tea Leaves [Bonus Vinyl Single]
15. Ab's Song [Marshall Tucker Band cover - Sweetheart compilation]]
16. Carissa's Weird [Chelsea Hotel - Leonard Cohen cover with Carissa's Weird]
17. Waiting For A Superman [The Flaming Lips cover - KCRW Morning Sounds Eclectic]

Extra Tracks from Jounster:
Iron & Wine & Calexico - Dark Eyes
Iron & Wine - Carried Home [CD Single]
Iron & Wine - Cold Town [Live & Rare]
Iron & Wine - Friends They Are Jewels [iTunes Exclusive]
Iron & Wine - Kingdom of the Animals [CD Single]
Iron & Wine - Wild Horses [Rolling Stones cover - Live & Rare]

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