Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ear X-travaganza - 2010-12-26

It was a pretty insane night at Louisville's very own Headliner's Music Hall the day after Christmas. The event causing the commotion was the ear X-tacy fundraiser - ear X-travaganza, one of the hottest bills I've ever seen for $20.

Scott Carney of Wax Fang played a great solo set, closing out with the Talking Heads "Psycho Killer," a favorite of mine.

The Watson Twins blew me away with their soulful sound. Their Buddy Guy (and I'm 99% sure of that) cover to close out their set was excellent, especially given my recent rash for the blues.

Ben Sollee sounded good when I could hear him but it was difficult from where I was at with the crowd noise. Other than the two tracks Mr. Jim James played on I couldn't hear him great.

I think Cabin left the largest impression on me of the bands I didn't travel to Louisville to see. Great sound and a killer set puts them in my second favorite slot.

Jim James and Patrick Hallahan. Man. Talk about doing the exact opposite of what anyone would expect. Jim rocked a bass guitar for most of their set, summoning sounds I've never heard come from a bass. And the way he played it! There were moments of him shredding a big four string bass like he shreds his Gibson. And Patrick didn't let up one bit. He was hammering away on those drums like they were playing with the entire band.

They opened with the Black Sabbath version of "I'll Be Home From Christmas" that resulted in a bass/drum freak out (a lot of their songs ended with one). It was incredibly dark and 100% bad a*s. Then we got "Gideon", "The Way That He Sings", acoustic "Golden", "Wonderful (The Way I Feel)", and "Bermuda Highway", an electric "Smokin' From Shootin'" and then the song that just about tore that building down, "One Big Holiday" on bass and drums. It was insane. Watch the video below to get an idea.

While in Louisville I had the good fortune to hang out with some excellent (and infamous) Jacket fans and hook up with some old some friends. Once again I left Louisville with a smile, that town has some serious charm. Before/during the show I had an opportunity to meet Jim's folks as well as his Aunt and Uncle (thanks Dylan, you are the man sir) and I got to meet My Morning Jacket's ex-drummer, KC Guetig.

I'd like to throw a HUGE thanks out to John and Bridget. You guys are two incredibly special people.

All of the above pictures are by the excellent Kory Johnson. I've been a fan of his photography since pretty much day one of my Jacket interest and he and Dylan's work over at one of Louisville's finest resources, 37 Flood, continues to impress me. For the rest of Kory's shots click here.


Mother Goose said...

I was so happy to meet you. It was a HUGE night~!! I wish it would have lasted longer~!! Come back and see us real soon~!! I'll be following you now~!! Kory's Pictures were FANTASTIC~!!

Jason said...

Can't wait to see you guys again Mama! What a great time.

Max said...

Hey Jason -- show looks like it was amazing! Who's in the very last pic?

Jason said...

Lot's of people! I'm third from the right.