Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Mountain - 2010-09-15 - BBC 6 - London

Thank you Honest Abe! For those not familiar, Honest Abe is the man behind the seriously cool Mystic Chords of Memory V. 2.

Black Mountain grabbed my ear about 4 months ago with their self titled record. I read a review of their latest record Wilderness Heart and they were compared to Neil Young and My Morning Jacket, I would have been ignorant not to inquire! Their dark bluesy sound really strikes a chord within me, check out "Radiant Hearts" below.

01 Interview
02 Hair Song
03 Radiant Hearts
04 Interview II
05 Rollercoaster
06 Buried By The Blues


BH said...

Nice, thanks! I've been looking for some live Black Mountain. I can't seem to find a full length show anywhere.