Monday, September 20, 2010


Thanks to every single one of you that dropped a line to that bastard that was ripping me off!!! The site is now gone.

I'd like to thank  @parkervb, @ezekiel2131, @sarabananabear, @_Chris_Edwards_, @sheilaroo, @thelongcut.

Also all the wonderful My Morning Jacket forum members that helped out - johnnYYac, Sticky Icky Green Stuff, el_chode and MarkW.

I can't forget all those that contributed but didn't leave a message/comment/tweet!

Thank you all so so so much, if I forgot to add you on this thank you list I apologize but know I'm in your debt.

I think I owe you guys some serious material, stay posted!

In the words of the great Joe Namath - "I want to kiss you."