Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack White - 2004-01-30 - John Peel Session - London, England

Our 16th President of these United States has been bloggin' up a storm over at Mystic Chords of Memory V. 2. He's been throwing some pretty amazing stuff lately so head on over when you get a second.

This is a great session between Jack White and now deceased legendary disc jockey, John Peel. They talk tunes, play stuff for one another and then Jack breaks out a guitar and gets some playing done. Check out the fantastic track "Never Far Away" that Jack White wrote for that mountain movie he was in.

01  Intro
02  Interview I
03  Interview II
04  Interview III
05  Interview IV
06  Interview V
07  Interview VI
08  Who's To Say
09  Jack The Ripper
10  Never Far Away
11  Banter
12  Van Lear Rose
13  Outro