Friday, April 2, 2010

Spoon - Live at Emo's - Austin, TX - 2004-12-04

Enjoy this 2004 Spoon show this weekend!

Last night Spoon played an excellent sold out show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Britt opened up with some acoustic numbers ("Me and the Bean" solo acoustic was absolutely incredible) and then the band hit the stage with a serious power trio of songs consisting of "Written in Reverse," "Got Nuffin'," and "My Mathematical Mind."  Those three songs played consecutively was intense! For the full set list go here, great night.

Thanks Brian Graves for taping this show from 2004!

01. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
02. Lines in the Suit
03. Sister Jack
04. Anything You Want
05. Someone Something
06. Something to Look Forward To
07. My Mathematical Mind
08. Utilitarian
09. The Minor Tough
10. Paper Tiger
11. Small Stakes
12. Me and the Bean
13. The Delicate Place
14. Metal Detektor
15. The Way We Get By
16. Back to the Life
17. Car Radio
18. Fitted Shirt
19. Everything Hits at Once
20. The Infinite Pet
21. 30 Gallon Tank
22. Jonathon Fisk

Download - Spoon - Live at Emo's - Austin, TX - 2004-12-04


DR said...

Fuck, I want to see Spoon. I read in this Esquire Mexico interview with Britt that they were planning to come over here in the Transference tour, but so far there haven't been any announcements :(