Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ryan Adams - The Variety Playhouse - 2001-09-28

I've been a sucker for 2001-ish solo acoustic Ryan Adams lately and while this show isn't totally acoustic it is a fine example of Gold era live Ryan Adams. I'm aching for a proper release (I know I say this all the time) from Ryan Adams (in any form) and would slaughter puppies for a tour. We also get a little David Letterman treat at the end of this.

Disc One

01 Candy Doll
02 Firecracker
03 Answering Bell
04 Someday, Somehow
05 Nobody Girl
06 Lovesick Blues
07 Chat
08 Touch, Feel & Lose
09 To Be Young
10 La Cienega Just Smiled (Take 1)
11 La Cienega Just Smiled (Take 2)
12 The Rescue Blues
13 Oh My Sweet Carolina
14 Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues

Disc Two

01 Nervous Breakdown
02 New York, New York
03 Friendly Fire (solo acoustic)
04 My Winding Wheel (solo acoustic)
05 Don't Ask For The Water (solo acoustic)
06 Damn, Sam (solo acoustic)
07 Call Me On Your Way Back Home (solo acoustic)
08 Chat
09 Come Pick Me Up
10 Mega-Superior Gold
11 I Don't Wanna Work
12 Waiting For A Sign
13 Tennessee Sucks
14 Desire
15 New York, New York (Late Show with David Letterman)

Download - Ryan Adams - The Variety Playhouse - 2001-09-28


DR said...

I'm curious, what do you prefer- MMJ or Ryan Adams?

Jason said...

That is a great question. Truth is, I see them as 2 bands so completely different that I can I feel like I can love them both equally. It's like Neil Young and Pink Floyd (not comparing anyone to anyone by the way), they are both so so so amazing, come from roughly the same era/time in music, but they do such different things that I can't pick a favorite. I will say that if I had to pick 2 current bands as favorites, it would be MMJ and RA (in no order!).

Anonymous said...

There are numerous Ryan Adams solo shows from 2001 / 2002 on the archive.org site. As always, some better quality than others.

thanks for your site. love the Uncle Tupelo and Wilco stuff.


Jason said...

Thanks for the heads up Dave. I have probably most of those shows and love them! I've posted a few some here and at Coughing Up Blood & Whiskey too.