Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Morning Summer by Max Bonem

Max Bonem, staff writer at SpeakEasyMag.com, sent me a great story of his My Morning Jacket intertwined summer of travel and a very cool interview (some really great questions) with Bo Koster. Check it out here!


Speakeasy: I saw three of MMJ's shows this summer (Bonnaroo, Paris, Louisville) and it is easy to see that the five of you really feed off the crowd's energy. Have there been any shows from this tour that have particularly stuck out in your mind, and if so, why?

BK: Wow, those were three very different shows. The Louisville show definitely stood out, there was something in the air that day. It was more of a celebration of the city of Louisville I think. Radio City Music Hall was another special one. There were a lot of other good ones, too. I think we've been lucky to have fans that come out ready to participate in the show with us. It's definitely a give and take. I believe that we're all affecting everything all the time. A concert is definitely a place where you can feel that. It's always up to the cosmos. If it were only up to us, we'd want it to be great and magical every time, but unfortunately, or fortunately, we don't have all the power. We're just one small part of a bigger mysterious equation.

Speakeasy: What was your reaction after you found out you were playing Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve?

BK: Humility. Awe. Feeling lucky. That's a pretty mind-bending thing. Carl has a good saying for things like that, which is "Tell THAT to your eleven-year-old self!"


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