Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Who - Master's of Music

Recorded in Hydepark, London on 1996-06-29 with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on vocal and guitar on The Dirty Jobs and guitar on Love, Reign O'er Me.

01 The Real Me
02 The Dirty Jobs
03 I've Had Enough
04 5:15
05 Drowned
06 Love Reign O'er Me

Download - The Who - Master's of Music


DR said...

The Who with Davidi Gilmour... I'm gonna have to get this.
Monsters of Folk releases today, sis you get it already?

Jason said...

Yes I am loving MoF!

DR said...

Fuck yes, Ahead of the Curve is a different level of song. Hands down, album of the year.
Do you have anything of Conor's other projects? I've never heard any of them.

Jason said...

Bright Eyes - KCRW


Conor Oberst is a great songwriter. Saw him with the Mystic Valley Band last Winter.