Monday, July 20, 2009

My Morning Jacket Art

Just picked this up! Someone on the MMJ forum had this piece for sale and I wanted it then. I may be trying to save some scratch right now but I could not pass this up, hell, I'll be getting a new place soon, I need something to tie the room together!


You Know said...

I've seen this for sale on ebay quite a bit at around $20. should be able to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!
I'm currently sporting 3 framed MMJ pieces and 1 Ryan/Cardinals in "our" house(cheers to the wife).

side note: Really enjoying your pandora station. You saved me the trouble of making my own!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the explanation points

Jason said...

Sweet! Yeah I have been looking at some photographs taken by Jeff Luke and Bitter Apple Photography to get framed, for now this is my first one. I have 3 Ryan Adams pieces to get framed and I cannot wait to do so, the way I want to do it is $$$$$$$$ though! I also have a hand numbered Radiohead poster with an amazing matte and frame job my girlfriend go for me. When I own a house I will have a room dedicated to all this stuff, for now I'm just collecting!

Glad to hear you dig the pandora station too!

Jim Longstreet said...

As you said, it really ties the room together. Good stuff. I saw it on the MMJ forum awhile back. Glad to hear this piece found a good home.