Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Black Keys - Live at the 9:30 Club - 2008-5-12

I've been on a bit of a twosome kick lately. Jack White and the White Stripes have had my eyes and ears in a constant state of awe with their recent documentary Under Great White Northern Lights and the Black Keys, well, they never really leave my rotation. The Black Keys just recently announced a tour in support of their next record, Brothers, and released a single "Tighten Up" (found at the end of this post for download). For tour and album info, check out The Black Keys website.

Picture taken by the woman from the blog The President Wears Prada.

01 Girl is on My Mind
02 Set You Free
03 Thickfreakness
04 10 AM Automatic
05 Same Old Thing
06 Stack Shot Billy
07 Busted
08 You're the One
09 Strange Times
10 Oceans and Streams
11 Your Touch
12 The Breaks
13 Remember When
14 I'm Glad
15 No Trust
16 I Got Mine
17 Psychotic Girl
18 'Till I Get My Way

Download - The Black Keys - Tighten Up

Download - The Black Keys - Live at the 9:30 Club - 2008-5-12


Chris said...

no to take anything away from jack and meg, but the black keys are basically everything the white stripes want to be.

Jason said...

Chris, I'm going to have to disagree. The White Stripes know exactly what they want and they do it. More so than most acts probably.

I am completely in love with the Black Keys and Dan Auerbach's solo stuff, but they are just such different bands, 2 person setup aside.

matt said...

jason is right on point. apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

Just a headsup: the zip is missing Busted and No Trust